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What is the role of Finance in your business?

Arcus Maturity Journey
Transforming the role of Finance to become strategic business partners is a change journey that takes time and requires improvements across several dimensions.

Your starting point should always be to understand where you honestly stand today, in the eyes of your business leaders.   Which role does Finance play today?

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5 Levers to deliver valuable business partnering

Arcus 5 Levers

From our work with Finance Directors in large companies we’ve identified what it takes to be successful with business partnering.

This article walks you through the 5 Levers you need to pull to deliver benefits from finance partnering.

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The 3 Big Things for Successful Finance Business Partnering

“Do I need to hire a whole new team to make my Finance organisation more effective at business partnering?”

It’s surprising how many Finance Directors ask me this question.

In my experience, business partnering is a lot more complicated than this.  A little bit of ‘new blood’ is probably a good thing, but wholesale change doesn’t work.

There are 3 Big Things you need in place to be successful at finance business partnering.

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What can Finance possibly learn from a Magician?

I recently went to a great Fringe event at the Edinburgh Festival – Pete Firmin, a very entertaining magician.

I walked out enthralled, and it made me think about what we in Finance can learn from him.

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How to recognise great Finance Business Partnering?

Finance Business Partnering does not mean re-branding your accountants as ‘Finance Business Partners’ and sending them out to ‘add value to the business’.  Yet this has been the approach taken by many businesses over the years.

This article shows you how to recognise the characteristics of great finance business partnering.

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The top 5 benefits of Finance Business Partnering

Research shows a close correlation between high-performing companies and high-performing Finance functions, with 80% of high-performing businesses actively involving Finance in the most important business decisions of the company.

We’ve identified the biggest benefits currently being delivered by effective Finance Business Partnering teams.

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Has ‘Shadow Finance’ Stolen Your Spotlight?

As a finance professional, I’m sure you value your position as a ‘finance partner’ at the business management table. You thrive on helping with their business decisions, providing input, advice and challenge where appropriate.

But what happens when you start getting pushed out from important decisions and become just the ‘finance information provider’?

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Start your day by eating a Live Frog!

Most of the important things in life aren’t rocket science. They’re just difficult.

Most of us don’t eat healthily or exercise enough.

Yet the problem isn’t that we don’t know about healthy food and exercise. We just never get around to it. Other things take up our time for exercise or we think ‘that one extra slice won’t make much difference’.

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