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Do you provide INPUTS or OUTPUTS?

“I want my Finance Business Partner to provide INPUTS not OUTPUTS”

This is what the Chief Exec of one of our clients said to his Finance Director, which I thought was quite insightful. What did he mean?

Business leaders want their finance partner to provide advice, challenge and INPUT to the key business decisions.

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“I’m not interested in news-readers in Finance … I need journalists”.

This is what the Commercial Director of a large savings and pensions company recently said to me.

It’s quite an insightful statement, and it got me thinking about what we can learn from journalism to improve skills and capabilities in finance business partnering.

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What’s the best way to organise Finance to add business value?

Few companies have mastered how to get the best out of the business-facing part of their Finance organisation.

As Finance Director your role is to make crystal clear what the segmented roles, goals and measures are to drive the right behaviours.

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Challenges to successful business partnering

Our research shows that more than 70% of Finance Directors are trying to transform their Finance organisations to add more business value. Yet 75% are finding it really difficult to deliver benefits from their efforts.

In this article we identify the top challenges for business partnering, whether you’re starting out on your journey, or looking to shift from ‘good to great’.

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Which skills do finance business partners need?

Arcus Capabilities

Too often we see existing accountants or finance managers re-branded as business partners, and expect them to be successful.

Through our work with clients we’ve identified the 20 skills-sets needed to be high-performing finance business partners.

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There’s a reason the car windscreen is bigger than the rear-view mirror!

Arcus Finance Business Partnering

Finance business partnering is about looking forwards through the windscreen to challenge and influence business decisions, business strategy and business outcomes.

It’s not about looking in the rear view mirror!

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“I want Finance to be my Business Co-Pilot”

“In a previous life my finance manager was absolutely my lieutenant.  He deputised for everything, he challenged my ideas and decisions, giving me a different view of the business.  This is what I want from my Finance team.”

This article takes a hard look at the leadership capabilities needed in your finance business partnering teams.  How to become the deputy or co-pilot to the head of the business area that you partner with?

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How to measure the value of finance business partnering

A high-performing finance business partner, or a team of partners, should deliver business value of at least 20-30 times their costs, particularly in commercial finance.

It really helps an individual finance partner to prioritise where they spend their time.  Most importantly it helps business partners to be clear about what they should stop doing.

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