AstraZeneca – Improving Pricing Decisions across Europe

Nathalie de WachterArcus Consulting did a fantastic job of diagnosing the root causes of our pricing issues, and then worked collaboratively with Marketing and Finance teams in the countries and in Europe HQ to re-design the way we make pricing decisions.

Nathalie de Wachter, Europe Finance Director, AstraZeneca.

AstraZenecaClient Question

How to improve the pricing decisions across Europe in order to deliver more value to the bottom line?

A small, experienced Arcus Consulting team worked with the client to diagnose the problem, re-design a better approach to pricing, and support the new pricing leaders through launch and implementation.

How we helped our client:

  • Diagnostic of the historical pricing decisions; how good have they been; what are the issues and their root causes?
  • Re-design of the approach and governance to making pricing decisions
  • Implementation, including new pricing tools, governance, roles and training
  • Engaged and mobilised client teams in countries across Europe, from Turkey to Italy, Spain and France, as well as in headquarters
  • Cross-functional engagement of Finance, Pricing and Market Access to align planning, budgeting and pricing decisions.

Business Outcomes:

  • Focus on the bigger and riskier pricing decisions
  • New governance across Europe including delegation of authority by type of risk
  • Pro-active planning for pan-European pricing by brand, instead of a country-by-country approach
  • Implemented pricing decisions of tens of millions of euros using the new approaches
  • Closer collaboration and alignment between Finance and Marketing for pricing and budgeting
  • Simplified approach with a ‘lighter touch’ for ‘smaller’ decisions
  • Standardised pricing tools, business cases and templates

Sandrine RochArcus Consulting really helped us through implementation. I’m most impressed with the way they collaborated with us, not just imposing standard, off-the-shelf solutions. They kept us firmly on track during implementation through several internal leadership changes! And they’ve stayed with us after implementation providing invaluable coaching and advice.

There’s no doubt the new approach to pricing has added a lot of value across Europe. We are now looking at ways to roll it out to Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Sandrine Roch, Global Head of Pricing, AstraZeneca.

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