Who we work with

We specialise in helping Finance Directors in large companies to transform their ‘business-facing’ finance organisations to add more value to the business – Finance Business Partnering.

Graham ColbertAstraZeneca“Arcus Consulting played an invaluable role in our 2-year journey to transform finance business partnering across the globe.”

Graham Colbert
VP Global Commercial Finance, AstraZeneca

We help Finance Directors to:

  • Deliver business benefits from finance business partnering
  • Design and implement the best ‘business-facing’ Finance organisation
  • Challenge and influence valuable business decisions
  • Improve the skills and capabilities of business partnering teams
  • Transform finance teams to partner with business leaders and deliver business value.
Nigel Bretton, CFO, Commercial & Private Banking, RBSRBS“I’ve worked with many consultants over the years, and this is without doubt one of the best consulting projects I’ve ever been part of.”

Nigel Bretton
CFO, Commercial & Private Banking, RBS

Is this you?

  • You’re frustrated because you’ve created business partnering roles, but your teams are still buried in producing the numbers.
  • You’re a newly appointed finance leader and you’d like to transform your finance organisation to add more value to your business.
  • You’ve established a shared services function for management reporting to free up time for business partnering, but it hasn’t had any impact.
  • You’re wondering whether you’ve got the right people in your teams for business partnering, and what’s the best ways to develop their skills to be effective business partners.
  • Your business colleagues see Finance as information providers instead of influencing business decisions or business strategy. How do your teams earn a seat at the business table?
  • Your business has re-structured and you’re wondering if there is a better way to organise Finance to be more effective as well as more efficient?
  • You’ve been transforming finance for a while but all the focus has been on efficiencies, processes and systems. You never seem to improve business partnering or decision support.
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